Global Medical Opportunities


Raleigh International

Raleigh works in communities across Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Malaysian Borneo, Nepal and Tanzania. They are regularly looking for doctors and nurses to accompany their teams on missions to these places - so keep an eye out. Their missions would be invaluable for anyone looking for public/global health experience.

surfing docs.png

Surfing Doctors

Surfing Doctors are interested to hear from doctors and medical students who love to surf and want to get involved in one of the most fun, exhilarating organisations there are. Running a medical clinic in East Java while surfing some world-famous waves is an incredible opportunity. Hear more about it in our interview with founder Dr Phil Chapman.


Floating doctors

Floating Doctors are always looking to hear from new volunteers, whether you’re a doctor or medical student. They are based in Bocas Del Toro - one of the most stunning parts of the planet you can imagine. They provide healthcare, education & community development to under-served communities in the Caribbean.

More opportunities…

World Extreme Medicine - Attend training courses and conferences and potentially get involved in some exciting expedition medicine.

British Antarctic Survey - Keep an eye out for opportunities for medics to work in Antarctica.

UK-Med - Get trained and deployed to epidemics, conflict zones and natural disasters.